6 ways to devise the ultimate content strategy using ChatGPT

6 ways to devise the ultimate content strategy using ChatGPT

In the fast pacing world, why not pace up your content creation? Yes! ChatGPT can help you create content and brainstorm ideas much quicker than ever, and in this blog, we are going to discuss how to use this technology for the following topics:

Before we dive into this topic, let us know if it is ethical or not to use ChatGPT for all of these. Here is a question for all of you: what is the first step when you run a campaign or start making content?

“Benchmarking”: meaning we go through existing content from the competitors and ourselves. Then we get inspired by this content and take it one step further to draft our new idea. Is this an unethical practice? In my opinion, absolutely not.

We are humans with limited memory power and access to data. But the model has access to tons of data. So asking the model to do research and suggest ideas is not unethical as long you use these ideas as a source of your inspiration. Always improvise the ideas the model created and make them precise for your action plan. Don’t just copy them!!

ChatGPT’s responses vary on the preciseness of the prompt. Today I am going to talk about one such extension, which can help you write precise prompts. There are six categories to choose from: copywriting, marketing, SEO, social media, productivity, and professionals.

Enhancing Content Strategy and Writing using ChatGPT:

Copywriting is a very exhausting process and it is very difficult to generate new ideas every single day. This extension offers help to write blogs, books, emails, landing pages etc.  Once you have selected the copywriting category, you need to choose the sub-category. You will have different templates to choose from, for each sub-category. You can also select the writing style and tone from a pool of 45 tones and 20 writing styles according to your preferences.

You just have to enter details about your project and click enter. The extension creates a precise prompt and you will receive an amazing response from the model.

Content strategy using ChatGPT
ChatGPT responses for headlines
Here is the prompt:

Please ignore all previous instructions. You are an expert copywriter who writes catchy titles for blog posts. You have a [type tone of your choice] tone of voice. You have a [type style of your choice] writing style. Write [number of titles you want] catchy blog post titles with a hook for the topic "[topic]". The titles should be written in the English language. The titles should be less than 60 characters. The titles should include the words from the topic "[topic]". Do not use single quotes, double quotes or any other enclosing characters. Do not self-reference. Refrain from explaining what you are doing.

Utilizing ChatGPT for Marketing Ad Copies:

In the marketing category, there are two sub-categories called frameworks and miscellaneous. In my previous blog on Landing pages, we discussed about AIDA framework. Read that blog post to have a better understanding of AIDA.

AIDA is not the only famous framework, but we have three more.

  • PAS: Problem, Agitate, Solution. Hygiene companies often use this framework in their video advertisements. Here is a simple example:

    Problem: Germs and stains in your washroom
    Agitate: Harm they can cause to your kids and family
    Solution: The product cleans 99.9% of germs

  • BAB: Before, After, Bridge. This framework is a new technique of telling the difference a product/service can bring into your life. Here is an example:

    Before: Want to eat healthy food and hate cooking. Don’t think restaurants cook healthy food anymore.
    After: Enjoying green and fresh salads while sitting on your couch
    Bridge: DADADA company delivers fresh salads every day at an affordable

  • FAB: Features, Advantages, Benefits. The name is very much self-explanatory.

Apart from these, you can also create buyer persona and sales advertisement scripts using the extension.

Utilizing ChatGPT for Marketing Ad Copies
ChatGPT responses -Utilizing ChatGPT for Marketing Ad Copies

Elevating SEO Strategies with ChatGPT:

No more will you have to struggle to find the keywords. You have an SEO category with Keywords, Local SEO, Ecommerce SEO, and On-page optimization. You can generate headlines, keywords, production descriptions, etc.

The best use of this can be to first generate keywords and then insert these keywords to generate a headline. If you are an e-commerce website, then you can go one step ahead and generate a product description and use the on-page optimization sub-category to insert the generated keywords into the product description.

I would love to explain each and every prompt possible but you should explore it.

Elevating SEO Strategies with ChatGPT
ChatGPT responses to Elevate SEO Strategies

Strategic Social Media Enhancement with ChatGPT:

Earlier life was very difficult for all the social media creators and managers. While I was managing social media for a company, I had to first make a content calendar. Making a content calendar is never easy and If you post on multiple platforms, you know the struggle.

Multiple content forms demand deeper research on individual platforms. It starts with benchmarking and never ends. Sometimes, making a social media calendar may take weeks.

Not anymore, within the social media category, you have the option to choose from 7 platforms and then you can choose a variety of templates like post idea generator, calendar creator, etc. How can one finish a social media post without a good caption?

Strategic Social Media Enhancement with ChatGPT

Boosting productivity:

Ever wanted to learn Excel but did not have a proper one-stop solution? Try this, you just have to write the formula, you doubt it or just a question you are struggling to solve, and kaboom!!

That’s not it. There are subcategories to pace up your works of translation, extraction, and summarization. Is ChatGPT extremely good at translation?

Let’s check!
Boosting productivity with ChatGPT
ChatGPT responses for Boosting productivity

ChatGPT for professionals:

Currently, this extension helps you write prompts that can ask ChatGPT to assume itself as an accountant, teacher, musician and more. You will be able to write prompts to get really good outputs.

For example, a teacher can find it difficult to create questions of a similar type in a large number. You can do it very easily with just a single click.

ChatGPT for professionals
ChatGPT responses for professionals

We have discussed how to use this extension in depth and now let’s raise the curtains to reveal it!

It is called Keywords Everywhere – download the extension here

This is an absolutely free extension and once installed and enabled, you can see the templates option on the left sidebar. Click on it and enjoy exploring

You can also modify the prompt to add some more details.

Keywords Everywhere extension

 I don’t suggest you use the output as it is. Get inspired by it! 

Create content in your way. As we always say, Content is King and you need to be unique to become a king!

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